Identifying areas we need to Let Go will require us to be still, take time out to self evaluate and take a good look at who we are. Identifying the actions we need to take to move us to the next step of Purposeful living and Leadership of self and others to achieve a task or assignment
These areas when identified together with corresponding actions that need to be applied become the GAME CHANGER for the season the next season of your life. Purposeful Leadership is about making changes …changes that change us positively to make an IMPACT in different areas of our lives as individuals, organizations, in family, marriage, career, purpose and market place assignment
In Management Game Changers are made during a products life cycle when the product starts going into decline and I would like to use The Product Life Cycle analogy to help us identify when the game needs to change for us as leaders.
There is a growth space where we are excited, passionate, full of new kid on the block ideas, gusto, strategy and strength which stems from the possibilities which look great, full of potential and at this start phase  we are going to change the world! Who rules the world??? We do?? Really??
Next phase  is growth and maturity… some things work, others don’t, we make mistakes, life happens as we operating in this space and time of growing in purposeful leadership. After growth is the maturity phase. Two things happen here we can plateau and operate in the space in auto pilot or we can as most people and organizations do introduce a Game Changer that kick starts the Life Cycle into new strategic action and possibilities
The Unstuck conference held every year is a Game Changer for marketplace leaders and this year the game changer action required is Letting Go …of the old to make way for the new. It’s time to redo, remake, renovate, innovate, restrategize, renew, rebuild, restore, reinvent, rebrand and start again ….start the cycle of Purposeful deliberate strategic LIFE again.
This is an important Purposeful Leadership tool. Reinvention and starting over-again. Going back to the beginning to the start with a blank canvas for you to color and fill with LIFE your LIFE giving new ideas, new life, righting wrongs, doing it again this time with more insight, restoring the lost years and lives now that you know better, engaging purposefully-deliberately,  being team players and understanding that this gift of Purposeful LIFE &  Leadership is a privilege-gift given to lead, develop and unlock potential in  others. Taking the eyes of yourself and focusing them on the people around you vs the tasks at hand.
Purposeful Leadership is about people … Identifying developing, mentoring, guiding, unlocking potential that is locked up in the leaders around you and as you do they effectively carry out the WORK. This Game Changing Strategic action increases organizations, teams and individual production and positive results. Focusing on the task-assignment at hand vs the leaders-people creates people who function at minimum accepted levels and always with an eye on the next role, the next move vs producing and being effective and present in the NOW …knowing positive growth and change will,come as they pursue with all they have this present assignment because the focus is on them
Any change happens in small bite size pieces so start now at whatever phase of your Life cycle you are in…now that you know Live Life and Lead Purposefully
Angie Murenga
Convener of the UNSTUCK Conference 
CEO Kingdom Business Solutions
Founder & Lead Trainer Purpose & Leadership Forum