Purpose is defined as intended use, everything has a purpose a reason for being and an intended use. The reason and intention is only known by the person or persons creating otherwise refereed to as the creator or creators. Only they can inform us their intentions and purpose-use of what they have created.

Leadership is the ability to influence others into action to execute a project, task or assignment. Leadership requires skill, training, innovation, an inborn instinct and what is referred to as the X-factor. We are all called to lead at least one person … yourself.

The knowledge of Purpose and Leadership is a privilege which requires action… It is definitely knowledge that brings about fear, apprehension and a desire to tread carefully or run in the opposite direction. I have never met a leader who dives into their purpose head first…it has the ability to bring about fulfillment and at the same time trepidation and the need to just drop it, ignore it and move on and continue to fit in. Purposeful Leadership sets us apart so we are not one of the boys so to speak. The knowledge of purpose and the purpose of your leadership will cause you to leap out of bed every morning and is so driven by passion that many leaders would engage in their purpose without renumeration. It drives you and keeps you awake at night flowing with ideas, journaling, writing, figuring out the next step, line of action and informing strategic direction. Light bulb Aha moments causing rushes of true joy and adrenalin

Purpose is always a solution .. a solution to a problem or issues facing humanity. Every innovation is an answer to a problem and that is what unique purpose births innovation and solutions to a myriad of problems faced in your particular space for example self, family, marriage, generation, career, marketplace , communities and geographical location

Purposeful Leadership requires deliberate lifestyle choices, decisions and values that are all part of a process. A process that brings about positive or negative results and also forces us out of our comfort zones. Purpose causes us to take the focus of ourselves and place it on others. When executed with excellence, accuracy and precision purposeful leadership creates IMPACT and a ripple effect

For those of us who have been given second, third and fourth chances Purpose and Leadership is an attempt to right wrongs and mentor the next generation not to make the same mistakes we made. An opportunity to redeem time and lost opportunities…I digress…

Purpose is a journey that is directed by a compass there is no clear road map and it unfolds in response to obedient action steps albeit taken with lots of caution. It can start as an idea or a prompting that comes from within or by coming face to face with a societal issue that spurs us into action stemming from a place of deep passion. A place of knowing that you know that you know and you don’t know why you know that this is what you were created to do the issue you were created to solve. The journey unfolds as you make steps in the directed direction….and is a path of self discovery lighting up on a need to know basis illuminating one step at a time

Purpose requires preparation, evaluation and hanging out with like minded people. It is very easy to be discouraged and distracted on the journey of Purpose & Leadership. They say it’s lonely at the top of the Leadership model but and thank God for BUTS we can create a new model where we are a purposeful deliberate living leadership generation at the top by pulling others up with us, through mentoring and impartation..passing on knowledge and know how and growing others so we are all at the top together thus ending the loneliness concept and creating new concepts making what has been called impossible possible creating a new normal

The inspiration of today’s article is the upcoming UNSTUCK Conference 2015 whose theme is Letting Go… to be held on Saturday 8th August at the Panafric hotel from 8.30am to 5.30pm

The discovery of Purpose and launching into Purpose led Leadership will require that we Let Go of the things that hold us captive, the past, fear of failure, forgiveness, the need to be right, anger, bitterness, rage, failures, character issues, cycles, habits, beliefs, values, attitudes, behavior and the list is endless…

Identifying areas we need to Let Go will require us to be still, take time out to self evaluate and take a good look at who we are. Identifying the actions we need to take to move us to the next step of Purposeful living and Leadership of self and others.

The journey start with us

Angie Murenga
Convener of the UNSTUCK Conference 2015
Kingdom Business Solutions